Crystal Starter Set

Crystal Starter Set


Wonderful little gemstone kit to get your started on a crystal collection. This is your crystal super set to carry around with you, dot around your home or take to the office.


  • Amethyst - This is a beautiful purple stone that promotes a balance of inner emotions. Turning to amethyst can help you deal with tricky situations amd develop personal understanding. Most effective used on the 7th chakra (the crown)

  • Rose Quartz - This stunning pink stone stimulates unconditional and compassionate love, of others and yourself. Carry with you or pop under your pillow at nights. Most effective used on the 4th chakra (the heart)

  • Carnelian - Carnelian was worn by ancient warriors for courage and power. It is also said to have anti-ageing properties and heightens the absorption of vitamins and minerals, both orally and topically. Buy two, one for work and one for home!

  • Tigers Eye - A protector and confidence booster. If you feel imposter syndrome, this little stone will guide you through your doubt. Tigers eye helps you realise your own strength and pushes you through life’s challenges.

  • Clear Quartz - This clear little stone doesn’t look anything special, but with it’s high vibrations it can increase focus and promote manifestations. Hold it in your palm whilst you visualize what you want, the clear quartz will amplify it.

The stones you receive may differ slightly in colour, size and shape. Most stones vary between 2-4cm long.

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